What is comming soon?

What is comming soon?

Hello, everyone. I'm yan long, the owner of wargame base store. I'm glad to have you on my website.

Recently, we have developed several products, including 40mm lipped bases, and several oval bases with sizes of oval 75x42mm oval bases, 90x52 oval bases, and 105x70mm oval bases. These sizes are standard sizes, slightly larger than the size of warhammer oval bases. Of course, the size of Warhammer Oval bases is smaller. Our bases have some errors, the error is about +-0.2mm, which is very small.

The product will be available around the middle of June.

This product is a rendering of 90x52mm oval bases. We add a special effect layer on the surface of bases to add glue adhesion, which makes your warhammer miniatures easily glue to our bases.

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